Web Site & Social Media Toolkit | National First-Generation College Celebration

I lead communications strategy for the UW's tri-campus participation in the National First-Generation College Celebration. I manage the development and content strategy for this web site, and create a social media toolkit that is used broadly by UW schools, colleges, departments and staff across the three campuses to garner a high-level of engagement.

2018 OMA&D Celebration Recognition Scholars Video - YouTube

Each year, the OMA&D Advancement team produces videos to be used during its annual scholarship fundraiser attended by approximately 500 people. I provide consultation, creative direction, script writing and extensive editing suggestions to ensure that these videos align with the department's message strategy and current initiatives, as well as fundraising priorities. As an example, I'm linking to the 2018 video showcasing student achievement and scholarship impact. This video also aligned with the department's 50th anniversary.

50th Anniversary Web Site | Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

In 2017-18, I led the development of the UW Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity's 50th anniversary web site. I managed content design, wrote and edited all copy, and worked with colleagues to create an extensive historical digital timeline. The site went live in March 2017 and a re-design was launched in March 2018. The 50th anniversary home page ranked fourth among all OMA&D page views for the 2017-18 academic year.